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Friday, July 26, 2013


android studio"  is video editing app which makes you Edit your pre-recorded videos or record a new video or create your own video from images to edit and share
you can also  Create video from images, i.e., Create Stop Motion or Slide Show from images (input images can be of different format and dimension, unlike other apps).& make special effect videos.

android studio needs to download support file on first run in order to complete the installation
App requires Google Play Store version 3.9.16 or up to initiate and start the app
Facility to quit the app, once the process is been added to queue.
Cancel process at any moment.
this android app does not make changes to your original file, instead it works on a copy of the file
android studio tested on :
LG P690 - android 2.3.4
Micromax A50 - android 2.3.6
HTC Incredible S - android 4.0.4
Motorola xoom - android 4.0.4
Samsung nexus S - android 4.1.2
Samsung galaxy nexus - android 4.2.2
install now google play..

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